Discover The Most Popular Kids Face Painting Designs

Nothing beats the warm glow you feel when a child first sees their painted face. But how do you know which kids face painting designs you should offer? Well that's easy. Just master the most requested face paintings and you will not go wrong.

Irrespective of what the latest hit movie is, I've found the following kids face painting designs are always in demand. They never seem to lose their appeal.

The Most Popular Face Paintings For Girls

  1. Butterfly
  2. Fairy
  3. Princess
  4. Fantasy
  5. Bunny Rabbit
  6. Ladybug
  7. Cat
  8. Flowers
  9. Rainbow
  10. Puppy Dog
The Most Popular Face Paintings For Boys

  1. Red Spider's Web
  2. Pirate
  3. Skull
  4. Tiger
  5. Robot
  6. Bat
  7. Clown
  8. Puppy Dog
  9. Alien
  10. Tribal
The Most Popular Halloween Face Paintings

  1. Vampire
  2. Witch
  3. Devil
  4. Skull
  5. Spider's Web
  6. Bat
  7. Cat
  8. Alien
  9. Monster
  10. Clown
And remember, there are 5 basic principles to follow if you want to create stunning face paintings with speed and ease:

  1. Have a collection of great designs to offer;
  2. Know exactly what steps are required for each face painting design in your collection;
  3. Use only quality paints;
  4. Use the right tools, the right way; and
  5. Know how to mix paints and blend colors.
It's best to stick to simple designs until your face painting skills improve. And of course use templates, stamps and temporary tattoos to help speed up the process.

And, whether you are painting the children of friends and family, or offering your services at school fetes, kids' parties etc, have a photo album filled with your face painting pictures. That way each child can choose the creation they would like painted on their face.

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